“Best Night In Manchester!” Event Marketing via social network

On a daily, maybe even hourly basis, I receive a notification on Facebook inviting me to a club night being held in Manchester. Although we can get annoyed with the number of notifications we receive  really it is harmless advertising of an event. It is a way to promote an event, and the reason there are so many club nights advertised on networks such as Facebook and twitter, is because they are events mainly aimed at students. And where better to reach out to a student audience than through social network, sites such as Facebook have been a huge success among students (Ellison et al, 2oo7). After all how often are you checking your news feed or timeline?

Image taken from my personal Facebook page, Wilson, 2012

Image taken from my personal Facebook page, Wilson, 2012

Rich Brook(2010) discusses ’12 Ways to Market Your Event with Social Media’, he says how promoting an event through social media is a inexpensive, cost effective way of promoting an event, building a buzz and making a one-off event a recurring event. Similar to this is a blog by Eric Eden (2011), he states why it is important for Event planners to use social media to their advantage. Again he explains how it is good for marketing, as it pulls in more attendees and it creates word of mouth, which I will further discuss later on. You can see more of Eden’s reasons here. But one good point Eden makes is, the events industry has always been social by nature. This I strongly agree with, as the events industry mainly includes social interaction.

As mentioned social media marketing leads on to develop the free cost marketing strategy, word of mouth. Many researchers have studied how social networking sites forms a certain concept of word of mouth. One study in particular is from Zhang and Daugherty (2009), they discuss how people are often influenced by others actions, therefore by an individual noticing another user of the social network is attending a certain event, may lead them to look further in to what the event is. Here someone else is taking an interest in the event which may lead them to also attend the live event. This is one example of the effect marketing through social media can have.

Depending on the Event, many event organisers will continue to use social media sites to reach out to their target audience, it is an effective way to gain recognition.


One thought on ““Best Night In Manchester!” Event Marketing via social network

  1. An interesting post, I think more and more advertising is done online these days, I’ve noticed recently that the kind of ad’s i’m exposed to on facebook are often related to my recent browsing, so if iIve been listening to jazz music for example, I’ll see adverts about Jazz clubs etc. I think this shows how e-marketing can be powerful not just in reaching bigger audiences for events, but also by reaching relevant audiences. The one potential draw back i can see, in facebook events is that often i’ll click ”attending” but won’t actually go, and i know lots of others do this too. So it means that potentially the event organisers may have an inaccurate idea of the number of people that will be attending their event

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